.....We proudly restore the voices that shaped the past-For the generations of the future.

​.....Available soon: 1927 RCA Radiola-With iPod/MP3 playability.

     Southern Songs was founded...Well?  Not too long ago!   It's currently owned/operated by Southern 'His-self.'

      Although we began with antique watches and phonographs;  We've since expanded to precious metals, costumes, militaria, antique (Pre-1898 Firearms.) and much, much more.....Only a short drive away?  We may be diminuitive in space-But?  We're sure to delight!

                     Ol’ Southern’s  No. 714 Antiques, Collectibles and Estate Jewelry

                               Located at the Historic Model T Ford Coil Plant

                                                    Ron's Consignments, 714 Washington Avenue, Woodbine, N.J., 08270

What We Offer

     Custom jewelry pieces and Fine Estate Timepieces and jewels.

-In addition to our custom, hand-crafted UgliDiamond originals, we carry pre-owned timepieces from Rolex, Breitling, Movado, Bulova, and many more,  Our inventory changes weekly.

      We also stock restored and repaired phonographs, radios, and militaria-If it's interesting?  We love it!

.....If we love it?  We sell it!    

.....We opened our doors in 2012.   Since then, we've prided ourselves in delighting our customers with restorations that bring the past alive-Our mechanical and electrical engineering experience sets us apart!     

     "Works" is our enemy.

...Have you ever bought anything secondhand with no guarantees, only a tag that says: "Works?"   It's how we got our start!   35-years-ago, we bought a simple "Working" Edison Home Phonograph...

....Only it didn't work.  It simply spun.   In those days?  It took a lot of research at the library, many phone calls and lots of trial and error.   In those days?  Edisons and baseball cards were considered "solid" investments-And were far more valuable than today!   We felt terrible and deceived in our purchase-And vowed that we would NEVER put our good name on any such products that would bear our name. 

     Many decades later?  From film cameras to phonographs to radios, our clients as well as other antique dealers trust our work.  We're not the cheapest-But we guarantee the best! 

About Our Company

One Convenient Location.