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Where Fine Collecting Meets Eccentricity.

....We don't just sell you an antique that we only believe "works."  We want you to be a loyal client-We test, repair, and restore what we sell!

The pursuit of the world's antiques can sometimes take some "interesting" turns!  See some of our more-*Ahem*-"Interesting" acquisitions!

....We're a tiny marvel;  Located in Ron's Consignments,  we *master* the art of microestablishments-Packing an ecclectic mix of ,many levels of interest in one convenient location!

Exquisite Attention to Detail.

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Marvels of Idiocy.

                     Ol’ Southern’s  No. 714 Antiques, Collectibles and Estate Jewelry

                               Located at the Historic Model T Ford Coil Plant

                                                    Ron's Consignments, 714 Washington Avenue, Woodbine, N.J., 08270

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Expect the Unexpected.